New patterns: Elise versions 1 and 2.

Digital illustration with watercolour and wood texture. I can't decide which colour I prefer so I'm going with both of them!


New light..

New light, a moment of calm between the hail and the gales and the gloom. But I love the gloom. There is a special place in my heart for the low, dark skies at 1pm in the afternoon. The failing light soothes me.....I work well in the slow, creeping gloom, but it is no good when you wish to snap a few photographs. So there are these special moments, fleeting moments, when the light settles bright and winter white, when there's enough of it to filter through into my rooms in the mornings.

I collected the leaves in early autumn. A day walking along the canal in the pouring rain. Does it ever stop here? Well no. English people never tire of moaning about the weather. When the rain stops we will find something to complain about in that!

At home...

I'm taking a small break from working this week, trying to relax, indulging in old films, some classical compilations on youtube, catching up with friends and cuddling the kitty in bed wearing fleece-fluffy primark pyjamas whilst reading reddit's paranormal threads. The wind howls and the frost has come. And then there's latte, strawberry cream shortbread stars, glitter everywhere.

Some new fairytale work soon, I think xxx

Love Birds..

New works: a combination of digital drawing and watercolour painting.

I create more, inspired by the winter light. Especially loving early mornings now that the little christmas tree sits beside my desk, the tiny fairy lights.......

Yesterday I purchased another delight from Lidl. This time a reindeer planter, quite possibly the cutest thing that I have ever seen, reminding me just a little bit of Svankmajers terrifying white rabbit. You can see it in the eyes!

I shall supply a picture of this beauty soon. Haha! x

Instagram this week..

At home, again, barely been out of doors due to catching up on work, insomnia, decorating the living room, and oh boy is it cold outside! It's my favourite time of the year though. The garden is full of birds, especially robins. There are so many of them. I would love to see this garden in the snow - it is my first winter in this lovely house.

Found the hyacinth at Lidl! So many weird and wonderful little things seem to turn up in Lidl. I'm not too keen on the food (I prefer M&S food even though I loathe the Arcadia group*), and they don't sell Nescafe Mocha, but the plants are always amazingly good quality, not to mention the mini potted xmas trees for £6.99!

*Ok, let's leave politics alone. x


New pattern work.

Hope to share more later, so apologies for such a very rushed week - I keep on meaning to add some sensible text to the images but never find the time. x


A couple of new remakes.

Tilly from 2008 (top), and A Winter's Tale from 2009.

A winter's tale remade for a holiday card, which is available at Society6. And Tilly has undergone a small amount of tidying up, reworked at a higher resolution for larger prints.

Find both here.

Winter light

This weekend. Silence, central heating, buttered muffins.

It's dark so soon now, but I love that. These long, endless, frosty nights warm my heart...

The wellies were an early xmas gift from my mum. I absolutely adore them....and I don't even care if I look pretentious! x

The Morning Room

Watercolour, collage, digital.

This image reminds me of old books, short stories, perhaps Proust, Katherine Mansfield or Edith Wharton. It also brings to mind taking tea and cakes in the nursery with lace covered windows and a governess called Elizabeth...

I am eating pain au chocolat. It is dark so early now, but quite comforting. x

New pillow designs & prints

New prints and patterns have arrived - so pleased with them all! x